It's In the Bottle Flowers....Medicine for Today!

Example of How the Flowers Work 101

The key to successfully prescribing the correct formula is to vibrationally match up whatever imbalanced emotion or emotions are being experienced by the person to the correct flower frequency. For instance, if the negative emotion is rooted in fear the simple remedy would be Mimulus for your everyday concerns and known fears. But if a person were to be paralyzed in fear due to a traumatic experience to the point of not being able to function, we would add Rock Rose. Other beneficial flower remedies would be Aspen for fears that are vague and have no known basis or Star of Bethlehem for past trauma. For scattered thoughts we would call upon White Chestnut and to reel in the day 
dreamer who needs to be grounded Clematis would come in quite handy. How about Worry? Another fear based emotion. For the worrying mother we would give Red Chestnut( my personal favorite) for those who find it difficult not worry for others and are always fearing the worst. Maybe a person is overly anxious about things not being done the right way (their way) and take it personally when they are not...then a little Chicory would come in handy! However if you push that attitude a little further and you try to dominate others with your will against theirs in a forceful way you would probably need Vine to help you to recognize and catch yourself. Vine is also recommended for those who are being dominated by others.  A person who is too judgmental is not serving themselves or others highest good and would do well with the flower essence of Beech. If you are a person who can't slow down and are impatient and irritable a lot ...time is your theme. To get back your rhythm you would need Impatiens. What if you just can't say "NO" and you've started to take on a doormat personality. Centaury will help you to consider your own needs in a healthier way as well as others. If you feel discouraged call upon Gorse for encouragement and to light up the darkness. For gloom despair and a depressed mood, Mustard will lend you it's golden vision of endless hope. If you're low in self esteem try Larch to help to build a healthy ego awareness. Cerato will teach you not to doubt yourself. On and on we could go through Dr. Bachs 38 miracle workers . The original Flower Powers!! Too amazing for words!! In addition to the Original 38 Flowers of Dr. Bach, I utilize the flowers of many other incredible Flower Makers such as Flower Essence Society  (FES), Australian Bush, Saint Germaine of Brazil, El Mundo de lo Natural from Chile and Spirit-In-Nature of California and Hawaii to name a few.

Flower Essence Therapy is a new kind of Physics where we learn to work with the patterns of manifestation before it takes form on the physical plane. By "Nipping It In The Bud" we are stopping illness and dis-ease before it can bloom.