It's In the Bottle Flowers....Medicine for Today!


Annie's Story- from Chaos to Self Empowerment

    By the time I turned to the flowers for help I was reeling from a failed marriage of 30 years, a lost career of 28 years, kidney failure which almost took my life twice within 2 weeks, the selling of my house and a move to a completely new town away from everything I ever knew. Also during this 3 year timespan I was online dating and had been through 3 relationships and received training for a completely new career which never materialized. Victoria was right on when she said that my heart was shut down! My Flower Oracle Reading confirmed my past as well as my self loathing, anger and bitterness! The flowers prescribed not only brought me back to loving and forgiving myself but I began to exercise and renew my compassion by volunteering my time with rescue animals! I no longer feel I need anyone's approval. Don't get me wrong, I love for everyone to like me but it's most important that I like and love myself. I feel confident about my future even without knowing what lies ahead! I realize that It's all about me! From now on I'm taking back MY Power!!


Being a Sagittarius, I tend to have many projects going at a time. With Focus Pocus, I can take the flower spray and set the intention to stay focused on ONE project and complete it before going on to another one. Also, at work I am completely focused on my client and not even aware of other people within the room. I have noticed my thinking is clearer and quicker with ideas running through and answers coming easily and effortlessly.

-Tracy J. Smith - Pilates, Yoga and Fitness Instructor


Aliya (6 years old ) - Night Terrors 
My daughter Aliya was having nightmares on a regular basis! She would be so terrified that she couldn't even explain what it was that she was experiencing! I am delighted to report that since she has been taking her flowers every night she has not had one reoccurrence 

Betsy and her Chronic Cough

After the loss of both of my parents, the settling of two estates and legal battles with a dishonest trustee I became very ill. I recovered from Bronchial Pneumonia but my cough persisted for more than 8 months. It was so embarrassing not to mention exhaustingly limiting! Victoria prescribed a flower formula to deal with grief and sadness as well as infection and stress. Turns out that three divorces had taken their toll on that whole loss factor and had done their fare share of damage! Within 3 days of taking my flower formula my cough had subsided. My friends were ecstatic that I could have a conversation without grabbing a cough drop. I'm on my second bottle now and continue to heal the sadness that has been neglected for so many years. My lungs continue to strengthen and my cough is definitely diminished.


I have tried a variety of different formulas from Victoria and have had great results! The (I Can) formula is one of my favorites. It literally boosts my self confidence and allows me to see all my beauty. It is so amazing! Victoria's formulas are a great gift to me. i recommend them to all my friends.

-Leticia Aguirre - Artist and Lightworker


Ruby and her "Unrequited Love"

I was so disappointed in love and was so confused as to whether it was even meant for me!
I asked Victoria if she would do a reading on me before she came over to visit. On the bottle was written the words "Unrequited Love" She told me that this formula would help me drop my armor and be the love that I wanted to attract. I felt better about my situation right away but wasn't really expecting any more than that! OMG, was I shocked when 3 days later while I was out to dinner with some friends and suddenly and I don't know where this came from, I blurted out ~*+/:&@ I Deserve To Be Loved !! Wow! - Within the next 2 weeks I attracted 2 absolutely beautiful men inside and out! Both seeing me through my new eyes thanks to those beautiful flowers. I eventually made a decision which one carried my new energy the best and life is exciting again! Thanks Victoria:-)


For a wedding gift, my husband and i received Flaming Flamingo Nights. It was the perfect gift to add spice to the bedroom and allow us to connect as we never had before. We were able to release the mind chatter and give ourselves fully to one another in a truly spirited spiritual and passionate embrace. This has opened our communication. We love the flowers 

Thank you.

Jaime Lynn - Newly Wed and Happy


Salina " Finding Self Respect"

Unhappy in my marriage, I surrendered to the temptation of an affair. I admitted this to my husband but there was never any forgiveness offered. I continued to shame myself with guilt after my divorce all the time raising my kids and giving myself to charity events! I also continued to punish myself by giving of myself freely to the wrong people in sexual relationships. Even if I really didn't want to. It was a very strange punishment I chose for myself. After taking the flowers I began to be more discriminating and happier with my choices in whom I spent time with ! I began to realize how I was negating myself out of an undeserved attitude of guilt and low self worth. Everything is much clearer now and I will continue to take the flowers to honor my body and create a more loving self identity!


I have been using Victoria's flowers for 3 years. In all this time, I have to say that I most enjoy the Flower Consultations and Flower Oracle Readings the most. I love the way she gets to the bottom of your dilemmas and building from there.

Rose Marie Rae - Esthetician and Spa Director


Myles, our nine month old cat was dying of a serious heart condition. Even with his heart meds he showed no signs of recovery . I thought he was done for this world. A friend sent me a bottle of Victoria's  Flower Essences. Within 24 hours of giving him the drops he was running around like the kitten he is and terrorizing our 2 big dogs. I am grateful to Victoria for creating Myles " Emotion Potion."

Cari Anne Potts - Esq.