It's In the Bottle Flowers....Medicine for Today!

Breaking Away (Releasing Negative Habits)


1 oz Spray Bottle

When you are truly ready to make a change! Serves as a catalyst to breaking negative habit patterns and addictions such as smoking, drinking, overeating, overspending, etc. Acts as a higher conscience.


"I release any and all 

old and outdated programs,

 contracts, agreements, 

negative habit patterns,

 people, places and things

 that are no longer serving

 my highest good!!"

Spring Water, Brandy, Infusion of Flowers: Bottlebrush, Sundew, Morning Glory, Borage, Chestnut Bud, Nicotiana, Walnut, Sagebrush, Mangifera, Cayenne, Wild Oat, Impatiens, and many more.......