It's In the Bottle Flowers....Medicine for Today!

I Speak Freely (Unblocking Communication Abilities)


1 oz. Spray Bottles

Aids in the unblocking of the heart and throat connection, bringing about clear and compassionate listening. Harmonizes thinking and speech by removing the insecurities involved in self-expression.


"I express myself with a clear heart and throat

connection! All words that come forth

from me are full of love, kindness, and caring I

am free of insecurities, and every word I speak

is received positively."

Spring Water, Brandy, Infusion of Flowers: Larkspur, Mimmozinha, Trumpet Vine, Orquidea Trinidad, Fuchsia, Jasmin Madagascar, Rock Rose, Algodao, Larch, Lotus De Egito, Rosita Amarillo, and many more...