It's In the Bottle Flowers....Medicine for Today!

Joy & Bliss (Happiness & Optimism)


1 oz Spray Bottle

Turns you on to the fullness of life, where sight, sound, smell, taste and touch are assimilated and balanced to create a cohesive relationship between heavenly and earthly experiences.


"I allow myself to feel joyful!

 All my senses are open and 

I am truly happy for this choice

 I make! I am 

Happy, Healthy, and Free!!

Spring Water, Brandy, Infusion of Flowers: Zinnia, Orange, Melissa, Malvilla, Mustard, Campanita, Azul, Dill, Abundancia, Cherry, Bonanza, Philotecca, Sorgo, Larch, Scotch Broom, and many more....