It's In the Bottle Flowers....Medicine for Today!

Mood Food (Anti-Depressant)


1 oz Spray Bottle

Enhances and balances the ups and downs that accompanies life's shifting desires. Helps to gain equilibrium and stability during emotional unrest. Lifts and carries you to a higher plateau of light and hope.


"I now take charge of all

 my emotionalities and 

command balance to my

 mental, emotional, physical,

 and spiritual being. I breathe 

in God's love, and know that

 I am healed and whole."

Spring Water, Brandy, Infusion of Flowers: Sao Miguel, Grandiora, Mustard , Abrico, Estrellita Rojas, Borage, Gorse, Gentian, Honysuckle, Cherry Plum, Vine, Pine and many more....