It's In the Bottle Flowers....Medicine for Today!

My Creativity Flows (Creative Inspiration)


1 oz Spray Bottle

"The artist in you awaits!" By awakening to the freedom of originality and spontaneity, we leave feelings of limitation behind. Stimulates the inventing mind through new vision and ideas. Synthesizes with your own highest creative abilities by providing an outlet of expression for pure joy.


"I awaken to the freedom 

of originality and spontaneity

 and leave feelings of limitation 

behind." I am stimulated by 

new visions and ideas! 

The artist in me awaits!"

Spring Water, Brandy, Infusion of Flowers: Mangifera, Peony, Columbine, Larch, Indian Paintbrush, Turkeybush, Gloxinnia, Iris, Larkspur and many more...