It's In the Bottle Flowers....Medicine for Today!

TherAroma Mister : New Beginnings


2 oz. Spray Bottle


To begin again can be very difficult for most people. This formula has been designed to help you navigate through the fear, inflexibility and perhaps even possessiveness of the old ways of doing things that has kept you bound and fearful of trying on that new life!


"I rise up through the

challenges in my life,

making space for the

new brilliance that

waits to embrace me in all 

new beginnings! 

Tomorrow is a brand new day!

Contains Grain Alcohol, Distilled Water, Essential Oils of: Marigold (which has a surprisingly familiar smell of crisp green apples), Lemon, Butter, Cinnamon and the Beautiful Flower Essences chosen are those which support the vibrational frequencies of POSITIVE EXPECTATION and FAITH.