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TherAroma Rollette : About Rollettes


Uses the method of TOPICAL APPLICATION to create a new kind of aromatic experience of sensitively combined Essential Oils, Aromatic Plant Compounds and Flower Essences. As the odor molecules and frequencies from these natural healers partner together they then find permeability through the skin surface and are transdermally absorbed when applied topically.  When inhaled,  they then travel through the nasal passages or "Olfactory Systems" connecting to a variety of receptor sites such as the Limbic System, also known as the "Emotional Brain".  Because the Limbic System is directly connected to those parts of the brain that often trigger emotions, this process has been found to  have profound physiological and psychological effects depending on the Essential Oil or Flower Essence Frequency used.

Caution!! All of our products are extremely seductive and aromatically arousing and we are not responsible for the outcome of extreme transformational pleasure that may ensue once experienced.